Thank you for stopping by 🙂 A little about me, I am 29 years old, I live in North London with my amazing husband, Sam and our little french bulldog, Frank. Sam and I got married in August last year in the South of France and it was the most incredible wedding.
I am currently pregnant and giving birth on or around July 7th 2017. It is a very exciting time for us both and I will be blogging a lot about my journey about my general life in the big smoke.

Why is this blog called Milk it Mama? I hear you ask. Sam and I have always said to take from life what we want, live life to the full and to always be planning our next adventure. We are very aware that we are only a tiny part of the world and we have explored different places and cultures but we have so much more exploring to do. Why live life to work and earn money that you can’t enjoy? So milk life for what it is worth. The other reason is because I tend to milk every situation I am blessed with, I don’t get stressed or ungrateful for anything. When I was married, I took every opportunity to enjoy it and now that I am pregnant , although pregnancy is not as great as I expected I am milking my moment by embracing everything to enjoy the moment. Hence the reason behind the title the Milk it Mama.

I hope you enjoy reading. I love hearing from people who have enjoyed reading and always interested in meeting new people and going to events or trying out products but I am an honest blogger! If you would like to get in contact to formally OR informally my email address is

Love always



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